Itchy scalp shampoo: the Secrets Can Now Be Revealed

With the onset of summer you are visited by itchiness in your scalp which is a symptom of dry scalp conditions. This itchiness increases when you use your regular shampoo and when you met up with an expert he suggested that you change the brand of your Itchy scalp shampoo. This could be due to various reasons which are:

•    Your shampoo might have harmful chemicals

When you use a shampoo it might have many ingredients in it. Only a few are used to clean your hair. The others ingredients which are used are there to create lather in your shampoo like sulfates or give the beautiful scent in your shampoo. Some of these ingredients might cause itchiness in the scalp and irritate your scalp. Therefore it becomes essential that you change the brand and this would help you to heal your itchy scalp as well.

Itchy Scalp Shampoo•    Do you know what the pH balance of your shampoo is?

Most of us visit a shopping mall and pick up a shampoo because it is popular. We do not study the intricate details like the pH balance of the shampoo. But if your shampoo does not maintain the proper pH balance in your scalp, it would make your scalp drier and dry flakes would form on the scalp. Therefore check the pH balance and then invest in the shampoo.

•    Use a shampoo which has tar

The next time you buy an Itchy Scalp Shampoo check if it has coal tar in them. This ingredient treats itchy scalp and removes the dry scalp cells which cause itching in your scalp. What you need to do is wet your hair and take a small portion of shampoo which has coal tar and gently massage it on your scalp. Leave the shampoo for a few minutes before rinsing it thoroughly.

•    Have you used a shampoo containing Salicylic acid?

When you use a shampoo which has Salicylic acid you would remove itchiness from the scalp. This shampoo would remove the dry flakes from the scalp and soothe your scalp immensely.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

•    If you have a dry itchy scalp do not shampoo your hair on a daily basis. The natural oil in your hair would be removed.

•    Choose a shampoo which is free from sulfate.

•    On a weekly basis undertake a scalp massage with natural oils like lavender, olive or Jojoba oil. You can leave the oil overnight and wash it off with a mild shampoo.

•    Clean your scalp using white vinegar and water. This would clean the dead cells in your scalp. You can nourish your scalp by applying pure yoghurt mixture over it. This mask can be washed off after a few minutes. Your scalp would feel refreshed and the itchiness would be gone.

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